Check before logging on

Here is the correct address https://www.pf.bgzbnpparibas.pl
The browser's window will show a locked padlock showing a encrypted connection with the bank
Business Financial Platform website is secured by valid certificate issued for www.pf.bgzbnpparibas.pl owned by Bank BGZ BNP Paribas S.A., confirmed by Symantec Corporation. Correctness can be checked by clicking the locked padlock in the browser's window.

Remember that the bank never asks you to:
Install certificates on PCs and mobile phones
Give data re. payment and credit cards (card number, PIN, CVV2) or data concerning your telephone (number and model)
Participate in testing new functionalities of the transaction service
Make test transfers or refunds to assounts of other clients.

Safe banking principles:
Connection to internet must be safe (avoid connecting through WiFi or via router which can easily be hacked)
Always use valid versions of operating system, anti-virus software and internet browser
To safely log out of eBGŻ system always use the "Logout" button.

Security information

12/06/2015 In the coming weeks in the connection with the merger of Bank BGŻ S.A. and BNP Paribas Bank, the graphical layout of our transaction services will be unified. These changes will require no additional actions, confirmations or authorizations on your part, no additional software will have to be installed (neither on your PCs, nor on mobile phones), or performing any test operations whatsoever. Should you have any doubts or in case of receiving any communication suggesting necessity to perform such activities - please immediately contact the Bank's helpline.

27/11/2014 We would like to warn you against next hacking attacks. Make sure that all data of the trading partner are correct, before you authorise the transfer to be processed. Be particularly careful. Should you notice any irregularity, please immediately log out from the system and contact the Helpline..

14/08/2014 Mind the bugs distributed in e-mails pretending to be messages including bank statements from Bank BGŻ. Please be careful opening such e-mail messages and make sure that the message comes from Bank BGŻ, which means, that it includes correct address details and correct number of your account. If you found any irregularities, please contact the Info-line.

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